Lead Organization: Capital Markets Board Of Turkey

This year the organization for World Investor Week in Turkey will focus on a diversified area of financial literacy and aims at allowing investors to ask any questions they may have about investing, financial planning and risk management issues directly to the experts on the related subjects.

The organizations' objective is to give the investors a chance on receiving detailed and comprehensible information and find answers to their questions on capital markets, new capital market instruments and investment opportunities, as well a risk management strategies and financial awareness.

The subjects that will be covered include among others: initial public offerings, issuing of debt instruments, futures and swap transactions, issues on stock dividends, electronic general shareholders' meeting, corporate governance in public companies, financial planning, how to invest, how to read financial documents and financial statements, robo-advisor services, digitalization in finance and accounting.

Website(s): http://www.spk.gov.tr

World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Müge ÇETİN TAŞÇI, muge.cetin@spk.gov.tr

  • Turkish Capital Markets Association

Updated: September 25, 2020