World Federation of Exchanges

The WFE is the global industry group for exchanges and clearing houses (CCPs) around the world. We represent over 250 market-infrastructures ranging from those that operate the largest financial centres to those that run frontier markets.

Founded in 1961, the Federation was set up to contribute to ‘'the development, support and promotion of organised and regulated securities markets in order to meet the needs of the world's capital markets in the best interests of their users.'' This remains the WFE mandate today.

Of our members, 37% are spread across the Asia-Pacific region, 43% in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and 20% are the Americas. They include over 50 distinct CCP clearing services, among them stand-alone CCPs, who collectively ensure that traders put up $1 trillion of resources to back their risk positions. WFE exchanges are home to 47,919 listed companies, and the market capitalisation of these entities is over $109 trillion ; around $137 trillion (EOB) in trading annually passes through WFE members (at end 2020).

The WFE seeks to ensure regulatory outcomes that foster well-functioning capital markets and reinforce systemic stability in addition to developing markets. Together with our members we create and agree best practices and standards for the industry.

Many exchanges are participating in IOSCO World Investor Week 2022 campaign. The list can be found at:


Updated: September 05, 2022