Lead Organization: Capital Markets Authority

Kenya will hold WIW 2021 from Oct 04, 2021 to Oct 11, 2021

  • Social Media campaigns to include infographics, animations, VLOGS as well as short educational messages on opportunities, products and services within the capital markets on investor protection tips
  • Launch of innovative solutions to include the following:
  • A Capital Markets Mobile Application;
  • An interactive Capital Markets Toolkit;
  • An interactive online feedback and engagement request platform;
  • A financial savings plan and budget downloadable tracking tool; and
  • A digital Capital Markets Handbook.
  • Mass bulk SMS messaging on mobile phones with respect to investor Protection
  • County vernacular radio campaigns and staff interviews
  • Educational messages on prime time news on major Television station
  • Support from intermediaries in placing WIW logo on materials
  • Participation in webinars
  • Press release


World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Kamunyu Njoroge

  • Capital markets intermediaries

Updated: September 15, 2021