Lead Organization: Financial Services Agency (FSA)

Japan will hold WIW 2021 from Oct 04, 2021 to Oct 10, 2021

The Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)

The JSDA has endeavored to promote medium- and long-term asset building and improve the financial literacy of individual investors as matters of crucial strategic importance. Among its initiatives to this end, the JSDA has undertaken initiatives such as educational activities to expand the investor base, dissemination and promotion of financial literacy, and activities related to preventing individuals from falling victim to investment scams. This year, we are actively participating and cooperating in the World Investor Week campaign through the following activities:

- “Securities Investment Day”

We have designated October 4th as "Securities Investment Day" in order to get more people interested in securities investment. This year, the JSDA created and distributed posters to member firms for their use in explaining the event to investors to enhance the public recognition of Securities Investment Day.

- Creation of a special website and requesting cooperation from Association Members

We have created a website introducing World Investor Week, and through it, widely disseminated the campaign. In addition, we have created the following banner in Japanese, and requested our Association Members to cooperate in the World Investor Week campaign by widely using the banner as well.

For more information, please see the JSDA's website (English).

- Educational activities for young investors

We have created special websites in order to disseminate the attractiveness of securities investment to inexperienced investors and uninterested people, particularly members of the young generation.

For more information, please see

https://www.jsda.or.jp/toushi-highschool/index.html (Japanese)
https://www.jsda.or.jp/hajiwaka/ (Japanese)

- Educational activities for individual investors

We summarize the main points of NISA (Nippon Individual Savings Account), which is a tax incentive system suitable for medium- and long-term asset building, and disseminate information on special websites and leaflets

For more information, please see https://www.jsda.or.jp/nisa/index.html (Japanese)

- Financial and securities education

We are hosting seminars & events, dispatching lecturers, and providing online content for inexperienced or novice investors.

- Preventing investment scams

In order to prevent investment scams, we are conducting public awareness campaigns directed at general consumers and investors that call attention to their potential risk of becoming victim to investment fraud, including creating advertisements and providing information on our website.

For more information, please see https://www.jsda.or.jp/anshin/inv_alerts/toushisagi/campaign.html (Japanese)

Japan Exchange Group (JPX)

JPX actively engages in providing economics and financial education programs to improve financial literacy. JPX offers various seminars and programs for financial and investor education by age group and investment experience, as described on the JPX website .

In fiscal year 2020, due to the Covid-19 situation in Japan, JPX suspended all in-person seminars and events and conducted our educational programs online.

Over the course of 43 sessions for schools from elementary through to high school, about 2,800 school children attended, while 80 sessions for university students reached an aggregate total of about 8,300 students. Besides targeting specific age groups, the JPX Academy initiative is open to anyone interested in learning about finance and economics and asset building. This online content was viewed more than 300,000 times during the fiscal year. JPX also conducted outreach programs for listed companies and other entities to offer sessions as part of their training for employees and new hires. A total of about 1,400 people attended these sessions across approximately 30 companies and organizations.

In addition, we enhanced our online content, offering a record 460 articles via our dedicated TSE's Money Club website, which features videos on economics and finance and asset building explained through the use of intuitive infographics.

In-person JPX seminars and events continue to be suspended in 2021, and our financial and economics education programs will be held online throughout World Investor Week 2021. For details on the schedule, please visit JPX's webpage for educational seminars and events (available only in Japanese).

For our online learning portals (available only in Japanese), please visit:

Financial Services Agency

The JFSA promotes investor protection and investor education to improve financial and digital literacy through:

  • Looking ahead to the implementation of the new junior high school / high school study guidelines, (i) training for teachers, and (ii) dispatching lecturers to teacher training courses at universities
  • Taking measures more effectively to improve financial literacy, such as school visits by officers, seminars, and the creation of teaching materials in cooperation with related organizations
  • Proposing content to better understand a variety of financial products
  • To disseminate NISA / Dollar-Cost Averaging NISA

On Oct. 6 (Wed.), 2021, JFSA will be giving a financial literacy class (online) to a high school. The class will also be covered by a TV station.

Due to the Covid-19 situation in Japan, JFSA also currently promotes ICT- based initiatives and organized an online event for retail investors to be held on Oct. 8 (Fri.), 2021, during WIW. For more information, please visitthe JFSA's website .



日本証券業協会は、個人投資家に対する中長期的な資産形成の推進及び金融リテ ラシーの向上を重点戦略として、投資家の裾野拡大に向けた啓発活動、金融経済教 育の推進、投資詐欺の被害防止に向けた広報活動を行っております。本年は、以下 のような取り組みを通じて、世界投資者週間のキャンペーンに積極的に参画、協力し ています。


本協会では、より多くの方々に証券投資に興味・関心を持っていただくため、10 月 4 日を「証券投資の日」と定めております。今年度は、証券投資の日を投資家に紹介す るためのポスターを制作し、会員に配付しました。

・WIW 特設ページの作成及び協会員への周知依頼

本協会では、世界投資者週間の紹介のための特設ページを作成し、広く同キャンペ ーンの周知を行うとともに、下記バナーを作成し協会員である証券会社等にも世界投 資者週間への協力・周知依頼を行いました。




中長期的な資産形成に適した税制優遇制度である NISA(少額投資非課税制度)等のポイントを特設サイトやリーフレットにまとめ、情報発信を行っています。

  • 「みんなにいいさ!NISA がいいさ!!」
    https://www.jsda.or.jp/nisa/index.html (Japanese)
  • ・金融経済教育活動

    投資未経験者・初心者を対象にセミナーの開催、講師派遣、ウェブコンテンツによる 情報配信等を行っています。
    https://www.jsda.or.jp/jikan/index.html (Japanese)
    https://www.e-104.net/ (Japanese)


    投資詐欺の被害防止を図るため、広告の実施やウェブサイトにおける情報発信等を 通じて、一般消費者・投資者に注意喚起を行います。
    https://www.jsda.or.jp/anshin/inv_alerts/toushisagi/campaign.html (Japanese)



    日本取引所グループでは、金融リテラシーの向上を図るために金融経済教育を推進 しており、年齢や投資経験に応じた様々なセミナー、教育プログラム等を行っております。詳細については、日本取引所グループウェブサイトをご覧ください。

    2020 年度は、新型コロナウィルス感染症の状況により、対面でのセミナー・イベント等の開催を中止しており、当社教育プログラムをオンラインで開催しました。そのうち、 小中高校生向けは 43 回、約 2,800 人、大学生向けは 80 回、延べ約 8,300 人が参加しています。 また、世代を問わず「金融経済」や「資産形成」について、学ぶ意欲に応える機会を提供する「JPX アカデミー」は、延べ 30 万人を超える方々に視聴されました。上場会社等向け講師派遣サービス(出張マネ部)では、社内研修や新人研修等 の機会に約 30 の企業と団体、約 1,400 名の方々に受講いただきました。

    さらに、オンラインコンテンンツも充実させ、金融経済や資産形成について動画や視 覚的に分かりやすいインフォグラフィック等で解説する特設サイト「東証マネ部!」で は、過去最高の 460 を超える記事を配信しました。

    今年の世界投資者週間においても、対面でのセミナー・イベント等の開催を中止して おり、オンラインにて活動を実施しております。開催予定については当社ウェブサイト のセミナー・イベント情報をご覧ください。



    金融庁では、金融リテラシーの向上に向け、以下のような取組みを通じて投資者保護 及び投資者教育を推進しております。

    • 新中学校学習指導要領・新高校学習指導要領の実施を見据え、教員向け研修や大学の教員養成課程への講師派遣
    • 金融リテラシー向上のための取組みを行なっている関係組織とも連携し、出張授業、セミナー、教材の作成等の施策をより効果的に実施
    • 様々な金融商品への理解を深めるためのコンテンツの提供
    • NISA・つみたて NISA の普及に向けた取組み

    10 月 6 日(水)には、高等学校への金融リテラシー授業(オンライン)を行います。授業の様子はテレビ局にも取材していただく予定です。

    現在、金融庁では、コロナ禍の影響を踏まえ、ICT を活用した取組みを推進しており、世界投資者週間においては、個人投資家を対象とするイベントを 10 月 8 日(金)にオンラインで開催いたします。詳細については、当庁ウェブサイトをご覧ください。


    World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Yuki Kasuya

    • Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA)
    • Japan Exchange Group (JPX)

    Updated: October 05, 2021