Hong Kong

Lead Organization: Securities and Futures Commission (Investor and Financial Education Council)

Hong Kong will hold WIW 2021 from Oct 04, 2021 to Oct 10, 2021

  • Strike the Gong for Financial Literacy Ceremony cum NGOs' talk on financial education in different communities.
  • IOSCO Committee 8 Regional Webcast on frauds and scams prevention
  • Facebook live talk on digital money management for young people.
  • Webinar on investor attitude and behavioural finance.
  • World Investor Week poll to gauge investors behaviour on influence of social media and people's understanding on sustainable finance and cryptocurrencies.

Website(s): https://www.ifec.org.hk/web/en/other-resources/activities-and-events/world-investor-week-2021.page

World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Jill Tan

  • Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
  • Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong
  • CFA Institute
  • CFA Society Hong Kong
  • HSBC Hong Kong
  • Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Updated: October 05, 2021