Lead Organization: Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia

The activities that we will carry out are talks and workshops related to financial education.

Esperamos adelantar actividades enfocadas en la educación financiera como paneles, charlas, talleres, acercamientos con las universidades, entre otros.


  • Autorregulador del Mercado de Valores de Colombia

    AMV is thrilled to announce that during the upcoming World Investor Week (WIW) in 2023, we will be relaunching our Financial Education Program. The primary objective of this program is to foster a culture of responsible investment by imparting knowledge, shaping behaviors, and influencing attitudes to enhance financial decision-making processes.

    As part of this exciting week, we will also be unveiling a diverse range of educational materials specifically designed for the investing public. These resources aim to provide valuable insights and guidance to individuals seeking to make informed investment choices.

    We invite you to join us during WIW 2023 as we embark on this journey of promoting responsible investing and empowering individuals to make sound financial decisions. Stay tuned for more updates and information about the launch of our educational materials.

    If you have any inquiries or would like further details, please feel free to contact the responsible person for our Financial Education Program at

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