Lead Organization: Securities Commission of The Bahamas

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) is pleased to participate in IOSCO's 7th Annual World Investor Week (WIW) celebration. The Commission is continuing with the overarching message, “Be a smart investor”, and has planned several initiatives to commemorate this year’s event. The Commission will observe WIW 2-8 October 2023.

Make Money Moves: A financial literacy program for teen mothers
The Commission is launching an annual partnership with the Andrea Archer Institute to provide financial literacy training for enrolled students over the next year as a part of its World Investor Week 2023 initiatives. The Andrea Archer Institute provides education opportunities and training to assist new and existing teen mothers who had difficulty completing school due to pregnancy. This initiative aims to equip teen mothers with the practical skills and tools necessary to confidently make sound financial decisions to create a better future for themselves and their children.

Investor Education Seminar
To promote financial literacy and resilience among regulatory staff, the Securities Commission of The Bahamas will host an investor education seminar on Thursday 5 October at 2:00 p.m. The event is open to 100 staff of financial services regulators as well as the Financial Intelligence Unit. This seminar will feature experts in the fields of personal finance, retirement preparedness and investing.

Launch Investor Education Newsletter, the “ie.”
The Commission will launch a newsletter providing financial literacy tips and resources for interested persons during the week, and is supporting this initiative with a social campaign to encourage new sign-ups.

IFIE Caribbean Working Group, Americas Chapter (CWG) Member Showcase
The Securities Commission of The Bahamas will participate with the CWG in a showcase highlighting the most effective and impactful initiatives launched in celebration of previous World Investor Week celebrations.



World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Stewart Miller, | LaDashia Johnson-Burrows,

Updated: October 01, 2023