Lead Organization: Securities Commission of The Bahamas

Bahamas will hold WIW 2022 from Oct 03, 2022 to Oct 09, 2022

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas is pleased to participate with IOSCO again for World Investor Week 2022. A number of initiatives are planned, including: Proclamation of October as Investor Education Month in The Bahamas; new video content about the Securities Commission of The Bahamas' role and functions in investor protection; a media tour (appearances on local television and radio shows); special feature news stories about investor education and the role of the Securities Commission of The Bahamas; media releases and participation in WIW Social Media Campaign; participation with the IFIE Americas Chapter to publish new content specific to investor resilience and sustainable finance; participation in WIW 2022 FinTok competition; and a special WIW 2022 “Are You A Smart Investor” T-Shirt day for the Commission’s staff.


World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Stewart Miller,

Updated: September 28, 2022