World Investor Week: Countries


Lead Organization: MoneySENSE, MAS

Here in Singapore, MoneySENSE, led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is collaborating with the Singapore Exchange (SGX), the Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS), the MoneySENSE-Singapore Polytechnic Institute for Financial Literacy (IFL), as well as experts from industry and media, to organise "World Investor Week in Singapore: Investing with Confidence" over a 4 day period from 2 - 6 October. MAS is pleased to be working with partners who share a common goal of promoting investor education and investor awareness programmes to empower consumers to be more informed investors.

The inaugural World Investor Week in Singapore: Investing with Confidence is targeted at retail investors who want to be more confident investors, whether they are new to investing or already have some investing experience, and seeks to provide an informal interactive platform for them to listen to investment experts on key investing topics and tap on their expertise to enhance their investing know-how. The event is free and open to the public. Participants will be invited to submit queries ahead of the event. Queries will be addressed based on demand as well as likely relevance to participants to ensure wider sharing.

Participants can look forward to learning from industry veterans, as they share their insights on the following topics:

  • Investing with confidence: whether you are new to investing or looking to get more experience under the belt, learn or relearn what it means to be a prudent and confident investor
  • How to be a better investor: developing good investing habits — what are the behaviours we need to keep in check and how can we manage ourselves better?
  • Developing your own market outlook: learn about the data and indicators to track and to make sense of.
  • Digital Financial Services and You: today, we can crowdfund online, get insured P2P or be advised by robots at a click, swipe or flash. Is all this as simple as it sounds?


World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Hooi Min | Wayne Tan