World Investor Week: Countries


Lead Organization: Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF)

Under the aegis of the Investor's Day, the program in the period of 2nd through 8th October 2017 will be as follow:

  • Opening of the Bucharest Stock Exchange market on 2 October 2017 with a group of high school students (up to 50 students) from a school that is part of the ASF financial education program. The day will continue with launching the ASF Pilot Program — The Young Finance Club.
  • On October 3, 2017 there will be a conference organized by the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority, that will cover investor education initiatives, investments, investors, basics, legislation, opportunities. The conference aims to put together the capital market actors and the investors, in order to create a debate on present issues and to find ways of developing the market.
  • To mark the World Investors Week, on October 4, 2017, the Central Depository will issue free of charge account excerpts for financial instrument holders present at the headquarters of the institution, with the opportunity to find out where they are shareholders. In this regard, The Financial Supervisory Authority has developed the flyer: Are you a shareholder? Be informed! containing important information about the rights and obligations of the shareholder.
  • In order to reach all age categories, ASF will organize in a primary school a series of lessons for young children in order to learn about financial planning, how to plan a personal budget, how to use money smart, about economy and investing.


World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Alexandra Bontaș