World Investor Week: Countries


Lead Organization: Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários

The CMVM's participation in the World Investor Week will be conducted together with the relevant stakeholders in the Portuguese market, e.g. Euronext Lisbon, APB (the Portuguese Banking Association), APS (the Portuguese Insurance Association), APIFPP (the Investment Funds and Pensions Association) and AEM (the Listed Companies Association). This will enrich the experience and maximize the dissemination of key messages to investors.

The CMVM will host two workshops on financial innovation and a major debate on capital markets development. CMVM's website will display new information tools dedicated to retail investors, namely key messages for investors, FAQ's and brochures covering investor protection issues.

CMVM's library and the dedicated investor hotline will be open for investors on an extended schedule.


World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Maria João Teixeira

Other Participating Organizations in Portugal: