World Investor Week: Countries


Lead Organization: Capital Markets Authority

Some of the key initiatives we will be undertaking include the following:

  • Social Media Campaign
    We intend to boost short educational messages on opportunities, products and services within the capital markets to include investor protection techniques. This will create a platform for discussions on Social Media targeting the youth between 18 and 34 years old.
  • Print Campaign
    We will run an advert on print media highlighting the World Investor Week as well as provide an update on ongoing developments within the capital markets.
  • Resource Centre Portal Campaign
    With the launch of the Resource Centre Portal, we will create a scavenger hunt for information that can only be located on the portal. CMA will provide some prizes to participants who successfully complete a questionnaire prior to exiting the portal drawn from a raffle.
  • National Radio Campaign
    Staff from the Authority will visit three vernacular and one urban radio stations during the campaign period providing various capital markets information on capital markets investment opportunities and investor protection.
  • Structured Forums
    We will host several structured forums targeting professionals as well as work with our resource persons in conducting forums targeting other groups such as women and youth.
  • County Centre Initiatives
    The Authority will be visiting at least two Huduma Centres. Huduma Centres is a programme by the Government of Kenya that aims to transform Public Service Delivery by providing citizens access to various Public Services and information from One Stop Shop citizen service centres across various Counties.
  • The Authority will also reach out to its stakeholders to join in on the efforts for WIW through various initiatives.


World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Kamunyu Njoroge