World Investor Week: Countries


Lead Organization: Financial Services Agency

Financial Services Agency supports World Investor Week 2017.

The JFSA will:

  • work to improve the NISA (Nippon Individual Savings Account) tax benefit scheme to promote long-term, regular and diversified investment
  • promote practical investment education for beginner investors
  • ensure that consumers can make a good comparison and a well-informed choice when purchasing investment trusts and other financial products.

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  • 少額からの長期・積立・分散投資促進のためのNISAの改善・普及
  • 投資初心者を主な対象とした実践的な投資教育
  • 投資信託等の商品の比較・選択に資する情報について、顧客が判り易いような形での提供を検討



Special Website for NISA / NISA特設サイト /

For retail investors (Securities) / 利用者の方へ(証券等について) /

General information for financial education / 金融経済教育に関する情報 /

For college students and workers / 社会人になる方へ /

For junior high school students and high school students / 中学生・高校生のみなさんへ /

For elementary school students / 小学生のみなさんへ /


Other Participating Organizations in Japan: