World Investor Week: Countries


Lead Organization: Comissão de Valores Mobiliários

In Brazil, the World Investor Week (WIW) is coordinated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM), a member of IOSCO. CVM is organizing a series of events for the WIW, several of which in conjunction with local and regional partners, such as IDB, Planejar, Standard & Poors, and 13 different universities. So far, there are 46 confirmed events spread across 12 states. The official schedule is available on the Brazilian WIW website.

No Brasil, a World Investor Week é coordenada pela Comissão de Valores Mobiliários, membro ordinário da IOSCO, que está organizando eventos próprios e com parceiros locais e regionais, como BID, Planejar, Standard & Poors, entre outros, incluindo 13 universidades. Até o momento são 46 eventos confirmados em 12 estados. A programação está disponível no site da WIW Brasil.

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World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Investor Protection and Assistance Office

Other Participating Organizations in Brazil:

  • BM&F Bovespa (Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange)
  • BM&F Bovespa Market Supervision
  • ANBIMA -
    • We are organizing three Facebook lives to explain young people about investments.
    • Estamos organizando três lives no Facebook para explicar sobre investimentos para os jovens.
    • Contact: Antonio Sá