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Lead Organization: Financial Services and Markets Authority

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) will promote the World Investor Week by communicating about it to the public and media in Belgium.

At the occasion of the World Investor Week, a conference will take place in Brussels on October 3rd about the theme: “Financial literacy: a global, European and Belgian challenge”. At this conference, the secretary general of IOSCO, Mr. Paul Andrews, will address the global importance of financial education, the activities of IOSCO in that field and the key messages of the World Investor Week. Mr. Steven Maijoor, the chairman of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), will elaborate on the European dimension of financial education and the broader role of ESMA regarding retail investor protection.

Mr. Jean-Paul Servais, the chairman of the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) and vice chairman of IOSCO and chairman of IOSCO’s European Regional Committee will close the conference by elaborating on the initiatives taken in Belgium in the field of financial literacy, and more specifically on, the program for financial education of the FSMA.

For practical information about the conference: see the website of the Belgian financial forum.

Earlier this year (March 27th – April 2nd) , the FSMA/ organized the second edition of the Money Week. By organizing the Money Week, the FSMA/ seeks to make money matters the subject of as wide a conversation as possible and draws special attention to financial education. There were various activities taking place throughout the week, directed at a wide public and to the educational sector. Activities coordinated by FSMA/ included:

  • A conference on financial education: the week was officially opened at the ringing of the bell at the Brussels Stock Exchange
  • budg€tPRET/Gère tes pépètes: a game in which more than 50,000 children between the ages of 7 and 12 learned in a playful manner in class how to manage a budget
  • Info markets: in 3 major Belgian cities, organized info markets answering questions about money posed by passers-by
  • An online tool: with an on-line test developed by, participants could compare their attitude regarding savings
  • A federal truck at school: went round to visit schools with a truck in order to raise awareness about money matters
  • A survey ‘To save or not to save?’: by means of this survey, in collaboration with the media made money matters the subject of even a wider conversation

Many organizations participated (public, private, not for profit, media…): Pensions Board, FPS Finance, the Insurance Ombudsman, the Chancery of the Prime Minister, The National Bank of Belgium, Febelfin, Assuralia, the Credit and Indebtedness Observatory, De Tijd/L'Echo, Radio1/VRT, RTBF, National Social Security Office, FPS Economy, the Support centre for Debt mediation services for the Brussels Capital Region (a non-profit), …

Besides those activities which were directly coordinated by FSMA/, many other activities took place during the week under the label “Money Week”. Organizations could use the label “Money Week” as long as the proposed activities fell within the scope of financial education, were free of charge and had no commercial purpose.

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World Investor Week Coordinator(s): Jim Lannoo